It is almost impossible find out what is affecting performance in your game without using a profiler. Luckily Unity comes with one built in. Let’s go over the basics of how to use it.

You find the profiler under Window->Analysis. Open the window and dock it:

Using AssetBundles is a great way to reduce the size of your application by making it possible to stream the assets outside of the main application, either locally on device or from the web. Let’s go over how to use AssetBundles.

For this article I am streaming from the web using AWS S3 storage. You will not need the AWS SDK for this to work. All you need is a bucket for storing the files and I have shown in this article how to create a bucket.

First, to be able to create an AssetBundle we need to add the…

Vuforia AR makes it easy to get started with Augmented Reality. Let’s go over how to start using it.

First, install the Vuforia package via package manager:

A ScriptableObject is a simple to use data container and works really well as a template for objects such weapons or armor in an RPG or perhaps even an information window which is what I will go over in this article.

First, create a script for the ScriptableObject with a suitable name:

Let’s go over how to enable and use analytics in Unity.

First, open the Services window, click on Analytics and then enable:

Let’s go over how to upload and download data from AWS S3 in Unity

This article go over how to upload and downloaded the data from this article. I showed how to get started with S3 in this article.

First, open up the AWSManager script and add the function called UploadToS3. Create a new FileStream and pass in the file path, set FileMode to open, FileAcess to read and write and FileShare also to read and write:

Let’s go over how to get started with AWS cloud storage for Unity.

First, go to and create an account:

The BinaryFormatter can handle all standard types such as int, string and bool but what happens if want to include an image in the saved data? Let’s go over how to add an image to the saved data.

First, inside the class which is holding the data change the image type to a byte array and ensure the class is serialized:

Let’s go over how to make it possible to take a picture with the mobile camera in Unity.

First, download and import the plugin Native Camera from the asset store:

Let’s go over how to use the Google Maps API to download a static map from your current location.

First, we need to setup a developer account with Google. Go to this URL Click on Get Started and follow the on screen prompts to create the account:

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