Deploying Unity games for PC

The space shooter now has a nice look and audio. It is time to deploy it.
Let’s have a look at how to deploy for PC.

Open up the Build Settings window:

The deployment Platform will default to the type of OS you are working from, such as Windows, MacOS or Linux. Click on Player Settings to open up further settings:

From the Player Settings window you can add information such as company details, game name and version. You can also change the icon of the executable file as well as if the game should be in windowed mode:

Once you are happy with the settings for the game, close the Player Settings and click on Build. Select a location where you want the game to be deployed. Unity will then start to deploy the game:

That is it. Now you can run the game outside of Unity - the same as any other game you might play:

Good luck!

Unity / C# Game developer