How to add a skybox to your scene in Unity

Skyboxes have been around for a very long time in 3D graphics and without them any outdoor scene would look quite bland. In Unity skyboxes also play a big part in lighting the scenes. You can now generate the ambient light based on the colours of the skybox.

Often when you receive a skybox from an artist, the material had already been made. However, if you have the images only, it is easy to make the material yourself. First, create a new material and set the shader to ‘’skybox’’ and then ‘’6 sided’’:

Drag in each image into the corresponding position:

You can see the finished preview on the bottom:

Ensure the camera has the Clear Flags set to Skybox:

Under Lighting, drag in the skybox material:

Under Environment Lighting you can set ambient light based on the skybox:

Good Luck!

Unity / C# Game developer