How to add Post Processing to Unity

Just like Instagram filters can make your photos shine, so can Post Processing help to make your game extra good-looking. Below I will briefly explain how to add Post Processioning to Unity.

Open the Package Manager window. Use the search term “post” to find the Post Processing package. Install the package:

Once the package has been installed, create a new object and call it something suitable such as “Post Process Volume”. On this object add a Post-process Volume:

Enable “Is Global” to ensure the whole scene is affected. The post processing settings are stored in a profile. The first time you want to set up post processing, you will need to create at least one new profile. Once created, it will show up in your scenes folder:

Add a Layer called Post Processing:

Select the main camera and add Post-processing Layer and set the Layer to the layer you just created:

Select the Post Processing Volume object and set the layer to Post Processing:

You can now start to add post processing effects to the scene:

Good luck!



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