How to get started with Animated Tilemaps in Unity pre 2021

Let’s go over how to work with animated tiles in Unity versions older than 2021.

I previously explained how to start using Tilemaps in this article.

First, go to Click on branches and then all branches. Select the version of Unity you use and then download it as a zip file:

Inside Unity right-click on Packages and select “Show in explorer”. Add a folder called com.unity.2d.tilemap.extras:

Extract all files from the zip into the new folder:

You can now add Animated tiles. Right-click and select Create-2D-Tiles-Animated Tile:

You will need to set Sprite Mode to multiple and slice it, just like with a regular sprite sheet demonstrated in this article:

Select the Animated Tile and set the amount of tiles it will contain. Drag in each part of the sprite onto the Animated Tile on the inspector:

Create a palette for the Animated Tile:

Drag the Animated Tile onto the palette and you can start to add it to the scene like a normal tile:

You can adjust the speed of the animation on the bottom of the Inspector of the Animated Tile:

Good luck!

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