Swapping out graphics

Niklas Bergstrand
2 min readMar 30, 2021


Time to start moving away from basic prototyping to something more pleasant to look at.

Start with adding a nice background by simply dragging a background sprite to the hierarchy:

To make the Scene window more suitable for a 2D game click on the 2D button. If the background does not cover the whole Game window then adjust the size by dragging out the edges:

With the background selected add two Sorting Layers, “Background” and “Foreground”. Set the background to the “Background” layer. Its important that the background layer is listed first to ensure it gets rendered under the “Foreground” layer:

Open up the Player prefab and remove Mesh Filter, Mesh Renderer and Box Collider:

On the Player prefab now add a Sprite Renderer and set Sorting Layer to “Foreground”. Add a Box Collider 2D and enabled Is Trigger:

Drag the sprite for the space ship onto the Sprite field and adjust the size if the object is too big now:

Repeat these steps for each object you are swapping out the graphics for. If the prefab had a Rigidbody then swap it out for Rigidbody 2D and set Gravity Scale to 0:

Finished result:

Good luck!



Niklas Bergstrand